2023 SD State Radio System Upgrade

The state radio system that connects all first responders on the same radio network statewide will be updated in 2023. The current system must be upgraded because parts and services are no longer available. All radios must have a software update to operate on the upgraded system.

The upgrade will take place throughout the calendar year, moving mostly from west to east. For transition dates in your area, please see the map below: (click for details)
upgrade map

State Radio System Update Vendors

The vendors listed below have the programming information necessary to update radios in preparation for the State Radio system upgrade. This should not be considered a vendor endorsement by the State of South Dakota and may not be a complete list of vendors.

Vendor Website Phone Number
B & L Communications   (605)337-3377
Dakota Electronics   (605)225-1672
MINN-KOTA Communications http://www.minn-kota.net/ (701)642-9229
Rushmore Communications https://rushmore.coop/communications (605)348-4940
Tri-State Communications https://www.tri-statecomm.com/ (402)494-5477
Two Way Solutions, Inc. https://www.twowaysolutionsinc.com/ Sioux Falls location: (605)334-9816
Watertown location: (605)878-0303
Vantek Communications https://vantek.org/ (605)332-4144
Western Communications https://www.wescomm.com/ (605)342-7885
Greg Ehrsam (Motorola Escalation)   (612)597-7269

The Public Safety Communications Council

Interoperable communications in South Dakota have become increasingly more critical as joint response to emergencies has become more commonplace. In 2002, a statewide communications network was turned up to serve the communications needs among all first responders in the state. South Dakota was one of the first statewide systems to employ a trunked digital VHF network, and is now providing service to over 20,000 first responders with coverage to 98% of the 77,000 square miles of the state with over 57 tower sites.

To provide representative oversight for system protocols and operations, an Executive Order creating the South Dakota Public Safety Communications Council (SDPSCC) was signed by Governor Rounds in 2007, and updated by Governor Daugaard in 2018.